There are a lot of dances held in the Yucatan and the main plaza of Baca is often filled with music and people of all ages dancing, singing and laughing. In fact, it happens so often that I often fail to even notice it anymore. However, a recent trip through the plaza (to buy hotdog buns of all things) called something to my attention that brought me up short. Dozens of women and men wearing the traditional hipiles, ternos and gauyaberas of the Yucatan using smartphones and iPads to record their friends and families. The dances and clothing styles have been passed down through many generations and yet the technology they were using was generations ahead of my own. These dresses take as long as 6 months to make so it’s easy to see why you’d want to use your best technology to capture the moment. It was such a surprise that I just stopped and stared for a minute before remembering to snap a picture. The people of the Yucatan blend old and new traditions so effortlessly and that’s become one of the reasons I love living here so much. I watched for another few minutes or so then I bought my hotdog buns and headed home with the music following me all they way.

The weekend is here so I encourage you to get out your best duds, grab your favorite dancing partner and head out on the town – just don’t forget the camera!