We love Playa del Carmen. It is a place we have called home for over a year.  But we didn’t leave Kansas City to move to Playa. We moved away from Kansas City to live in and explore different parts of the world. After a year in Playa we have grown comfortable, very comfortable. We have a great apartment and great friends and our favorite restaurants, favorite beaches, etc. But what we have found is that we have fallen into a routine. A routine that is extremely comfortable. And that scares us. It would be so easy to just stay here and establish ourselves and live here forever. But that’s not what we want right now. So we decided to start thinking about what our next move should be, literally. We talked and did research for a few months. There were a lot of places and ideas in play that we considered. But finally an opportunity presented itself that felt like the right fit for us, at least for right now. So we decided it was time to get back on the road again. This past weekend we packed up all of our belongings, loaded up our car (again) and drove to our new housesitting gig in Xcalak, Mexico.

Packing up for Xcalak
It fit once before, there’s no way it all won’t fit in the car again, right?
On the Road Again
We actually reached a point where they just gave up giving the roads a clever name. While a lot easier, I can see where it might get confusing to use this naming system over and over again.

Where in the world is that? Fair question, we had to Google it ourselves.  Xcalak, a town with a population of about 300, is on the southern tip of the Mexico, about five or six miles north of the Belize border. We are approximately 3 hours from the state capital of Chetumal and an hour from the cruise ship port of Mahahual.

Our new home town.
The main road through Xcalak . Things are about to get really interesting…

We are remote. Like castaway remote. The nearest neighbor is about a mile down the road. It’s just the two of us, the two adorable dogs we’re taking care of and a bunch of jungle animals. We are living in our own small house on the property that we are taking care of, and the best part of all?  Our front doors open up to this view.

Yep. What I get to wake up to. Every. Single. Day.
Yep. What I get to step out on my front porch and see. Every. Single. Day.

There’s no denying that this is going to be a challenge for us. Xcalak is about as different from the hustle and bustle of Playa as you can get. There are very few other people here, especially during the summer, there’s no nightlife or entertainment, very few restaurants and getting groceries is going to be an experience. Which means we’re excited, and nervous but up for the challenge. We plan to take lots of long walks along the beach with the dogs and get a lot of work done (yep, the internet has even reached this remote paradise) and get a lot of books read. Playa is only a few hours north so we’ll be back and forth to there quite a bit and there are other cities and towns that aren’t too far from here that we’re looking to explore. So we have moved to the country, albeit a country where we have to be careful not to get hit in the head by a falling coconut and get used to waking up to the sounds of the ocean versus a rooster crowing. We are excited about the new adventures and experiences that await us here in our new life and cannot wait to share them with you all as well.