One of my favorite ways to wind down a hot day is to do a little snapper fishing off the Xcalak Pier. It’s a big, concrete jetty that sticks way out in the water making it an ideal spot to catch not only a few fish but also a great breeze and spectacular sunset. Another great thing about it is that you never know what to expect when you get out there. There might be a family enjoying the cool air, a young couple canoodling in relative privacy and/or some local fisherman catching dinner. Yesterday, we had all of that and more! Yesterday we had all of the local folks I just mentioned, a couple of Brits, some Americans (obviously) and a large group of Mennonites from a community not far from here. Who knew we had such diversity in Xcalak? We’ve only got about 400 people here, but they come from all over! We didn’t catch many fish but the breeze, sunset and people watching more than made up for it. Here’s hoping you find a great spot to sit and watch the world go by this weekend, I know where I’ll be!