So, ‘what do you do all day?’ We’ve both been asked this by more than one person (always someone from the States) since our move to Playa del Carmen. It’s a fair question, and honestly, if I was inhabiting the same life I was six months ago I’d probably be asking the same questions of someone like me.

So what’s the answer?

I work. I workout. I sleep in. I get up early to watch the sunrise. I write. I read the news. I read a book. I lay on the beach. I think about things. I try new things. I explore new places. I meet new people. I put myself out there.

I have slowed down considerably and these days I spend a lot of time just being. I sit on the balcony at night and watch the bats flying in and out of the trees with the lights of Cozumel twinkling in the distance and try to decipher the constellations in the bright stars above me.

I take pictures. And then spend time looking at my pictures and trying to figure out how they turned out so poorly.

Or Jason and I will take our evening walk along the beach which can easily span 1 1/2 to 2 hours where we might talk about work, or share an update from a conversation we had with a friend or family member back home. Or we might talk about nothing at all. Instead we might silently walk and watch the families laughing and playing together in the water. Or we might admire an unusual rock formation or a particularly well built sandcastle that we know won’t be there the next day.

Families often hit the beach after work. Awesome idea, I'm following their lead from now on.
Families often hit the beach after work. Awesome idea, I’m following their lead from now on.

I really think the question should be, what don’t you do all day? I don’t work 40 (or 50 or 60) hours a week. I don’t iron my clothes. I don’t deal with rush hour traffic. I don’t worry about how to get the computer fixed. Or how I’m going to make friends. Or why this humidity has made my hair three sizes bigger. Or when our immigration is going to get worked out. Because what I’ve learned in the last two months is that whether I obsessively worry about things or not it gets worked out one way or another (except for that hair thing, I still haven’t figured that out) and usually in a positive way. And the whole not worrying thing is a very big deal for me. Huge as a matter of fact. My former life pretty much revolved around worry.

So what does that paradigm shift mean? What I can tell is that I’m relaxed. I’m sleeping well. I’m eating (really) well.  I’m fairly confident that I’m a nicer person now. When I talk to someone, be it in person or on the phone or via video chat, I am truly engaged in that conversation. That conversation is all that I’m concentrating on at that moment in time. I’m not making a grocery list or figuring out what I’m going to wear the next day. Instead I’m in the moment, in the conversation, and honestly I feel like my relationships are stronger because of it even though we’re now thousands of miles apart.

I’ll probably always worry about a few things from time to time. But the one thing I’ll never have to worry about? Finding stuff to do all day.

These two happen to be eating (and drinking) really well in Mexico.
These two happen to be eating (and drinking) really well in Mexico while worrying less.