I have started and stopped this post about 4 different times. I realize I haven’t written here in awhile. And I felt that I owed you something amazing. And the first thing I wrote was about some amazing things going on in our lives. But then? Well then some not so amazing things happened and then I didn’t feel like celebrating with you all. And so I wrote some really woe is me things. And then I didn’t want to depress you, trust Jason and I were depressed enough that we didn’t need anyone else to join in the pity party. So then I wrote about something completely different. But that felt false, and too cheery, and not at all about what is happening in our lives. So I thought versus writing and deleting any more blog posts I’d just share. The good, the bad and the sad.

Jason had a birthday! A big one. 4-0 as a matter-of-fact. He doesn’t really care about birthdays but I was excited to be back in the same decade as him (I do still have some female vanity). And our great friends traveled from the United States to surprise him on his birthday. And he was surprised. And we had so much fun celebrating and playing in Playa del Carmen. And then we went to Cozumel and watched two more dear friends have an amazing, awesome and absolutely beautiful wedding. And we hung out and laughed and cried and laughed some more with an even larger group of our good friends from the United States.

Cozumel Wedding
Beautiful bride and groom, beautiful setting, beautiful new life they now have together.
Things Were Great. Until They Weren't.
Everywhere we were there was just so much laughing with friends. So good for the soul.

And then, after the wedding weekend, we took the ferry back home to Playa del Carmen. And all of the sudden, all of the friends from the States that we have been friends with for years were all gone back to the life in Kansas City that we are no longer a part of. And we realized we have no idea when we’ll see them again. And then we found out our debit cards had been skimmed at an ATM and every last dime we had was gone (and then some). And then we found out that a website that Jason had been building and was 99% done had been hacked and was completely gone. And then something really bad happened to a friend in the States that we don’t think is our place to share here but put us in a really dark place. And a bunch of other little stuff in between that would be an irritant any other day but was made so much bigger because of everything else.

So things were great. Until they weren’t. First we got mad, then we got sad and now? Well that remains to be seen. And I felt it would be wrong of me to pretend that things were anything other than what they are here on this site. And at the same time…

We realized that we’re missing the friends that we’ve had for 5, 10 and even 20 years, but we’ve made some really amazing new friends in the last year that we’ve been living here in Playa. No one replaces anyone, we are just adding to our friendship bank. And we aren’t exactly sure how we’re going to pay the looming electric bill, but we have faith that ‘fraud protection’ isn’t just a saying and our bank will eventually come through for us. And that while the hacked website is a pain, at least it’s a problem that we can do something about. And that the really bad thing that happened to our friend is a reminder of exactly why we set out on this journey in the first place. We want no regrets and no what ifs when our time is up.

Playa del Carmen ATM
Perhaps the scene of the crime. ATM/Drying Rack hybrids should apparently be avoided.

There’s an old cliche that seems appropriate for us right now. What’s the best way to eat an elephant? One bite at a time. That’s how we’re handling things (well we’re not actually snacking on an elephant), just dealing with what we can. As much as we write about and reflect on all the cool stuff that there is to do and see in Playa, this week was a reminder that, as with life anywhere, we still have joy and we still have sorrow and we still have everything in between. And that next week we might get another big blow (although we’d prefer to have those kind of things a bit more spread out) or we might have an incredible new experience or it might just be business as usual. We actually have pretty exciting things on the horizon to look forward to and lots of changes in the works which keeps us optimistic. And as long as there are more amazing things like this out there to see, the option of giving up isn’t really an option.

Cozumel Sunset