I must admit that before taking our house sitting gig here in Baca I was a bit leery about it. It had nothing to do with the house, the homeowners or Baca itself, they actually all sounded fantastic. It had everything to do with Baca not being on the ocean and my longing to be close to the water again. Baca is a solid 20 minute drive from the ocean (gasp!) which after living ocean front for awhile seemed like an eternity. The great news is that the homeowners of the house we’re currently sitting in love the beach almost as much we do and upon our arrival one of the first things they wanted to show us was the way to the nearest beach – Telchac Puerto. What on earth is a “Telchac Puerto” I wondered. Puerto means port and the town’s on the Gulf of Mexico so my mind’s eye immediately conjured images of huge tankers plowing through dirty, brown water with smoking oil wells rising in the background. Regardless of what I was expecting, Telchac Puerto was the nearest place to get my beach fix so off we headed to check it out.

Man, was I wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Shame on you mind’s eye and my sincerest apologies to Telchac Puerto!

Far from the industrial hellhole I had imagined, Telchac Puerto is actually a sleepy little town sprawled along lovely sandy beaches and the “port” is just a small channel that houses the local fleet of tiny fishing vessels.

Telchac Puerto
Webster’s defines a port as “a place along a coast in which ships may take refuge from storms.” Technically this fits but happily it was nothing like I expected.

Nestled between the shores of Laguna Rosada (Pink Lagoon) and the beautiful blue water of its beaches, Telchac Puerto is surrounded by natural beauty. As its name implies, Laguna Rosada is filled with pink-tinted water. Yes, I did indeed say pink water. Heading to a beach in a port I had expected some strange colored water but nothing like this. Micro-organisms are not only responsible for the water’s color but are also a main food source of flamingos and are responsible for their color as well.

laguna rosada
As the water evaporates in these salt collection ponds it gets pinker and pinker.

Did somebody say flamingos? Yep, they’re here too. So far we’ve seen pink water and flamingos and we’re not even to the beach yet! I’ve got a good feeling about this!

Telchac Puerto Flamingos
Sorry for the bad picture but apparently flamingos aren’t very sociable.
Telchac Puerto Laguna
Not all of the lagoon is pink, much of it is almost as crystal clear as the Caribbean

After stopping to snap a few photos of the flamingos (and to make sure they weren’t a figment of our imaginations), we headed a couple more minutes up the highway before pulling onto rutted little road and we were finally at the beach. The flamingos and pink water were definitely cool, but come on, a nice beach is what I was looking for. And oh what a beach I got!

telchac puerto beach
View to my left – not an oil rig or tanker in sight.
beach telchac puerto
View to my right – still none of the port related nastiness I expected. Hmm, no people either!

A beautiful beach with clear blue water that runs for miles with no people, no buildings or houses? Yes, my friends, this is what I was looking for. We unloaded the beach chairs, umbrella, cooler and the dogs and set up camp.

Telchac Puerto Swimming
I’m not sure who was in charge here but it looked like everyone was having fun!

After a quick swim to wash off the sweat from setting up camp I began to drowse in the shade of our beach umbrella, completely and utterly satisfied. My thoughts (dreams?) were lazily directed at just how nice this beach was and how I could stay here forever – and that’s when the umbrella blew up and away, straight down the beach. The remnants of a tropical storm were still in the area and the wind was pretty gusty so I was lucky to catch it after a few minutes chase. During my chase, I worked up a bit of an appetite so we decided to head into the actual town of Telchac Puerto (not to be confused with Telchac Pueblo a few miles inland) to find something to eat.

The homeowners here mentioned that they like to eat at D’Jorgito’s (I’d link to their website here, but they don’t have much of an interet presence) when they head to Telchac so we decided to take their advice. D’Jorgito’s is a tiny little beachfront place with a few tables and chairs and has a limited menu of botanas, fresh seafood and super cold beer. I’m not kidding, I’ve been to a beach bar or two in my day but this place has the coldest beer of any beach bar I’ve ever been to. If you’re not familiar with the concept of botanas it’s pretty simple – you buy a round of drinks and the restaurant brings out some appetizers. D’Jorgito’s has several different things they bring out including ceviche, delicious citrusy potato salad, and spicy tuna with beans and shells to build your own tostadas.

jorgitos telchac puerto
The catch with botanas? You have to drink beer. We did – but only to get more food.

After inhaling some botanas (and a couple of beers) we were feeling pretty content and I certainly wasn’t hungry anymore but then something happened. A guy came up the beach carrying fishing equipment and several fish and walked directly into the restaurant. I didn’t think much of it until I realized that the same guy brought out our next round. I asked him about the fish and he told me they were Mojarra (a relative of Tilapia) he’d just caught and that they were now on the menu. Whoa, that is some fresh fish. So, I ordered some right up.

For some reason food always tastes better when your feet are in the sand. (Sorry Anthony Bourdain but I’m stealing your line.)

A huge, heaping portion of crispy breaded fish with beans, a type of cole slaw, rice and a stack of freshly made tortillas were soon on the table and I was hungry all over again. And man oh man was I happy.

There is no such thing as a bad hair day at the beach.
There is no such thing as a bad hair day at the beach.

What is better than a balmy day on a beautiful beach with cold beer, great food and even better company? The answer is – nothing. Sure, there are tweaks to the formula but when I imagine a perfect day it always revolves around a beach and friends and family. Now I can add Telchac Pueblo to my list of possible destinations for said perfect day. Baca still isn’t on the beach but it’s only 20 short minutes from Telchac Puerto and I’ll take that any day.