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Grocery Shopping in Xcalak

Living in a remote part of Mexico means that we’ve had to adjust to things taking longer to do, longer to get to and overall being quite a bit less convenient. Like grocery shopping. The days of a quick stop at the store to pick up bread or milk or beer? Hah! Where we live now, spontaneously deciding what’s for dinner is not an option. We have to do planning and preparation if we want to eat. And we do. So how do we go grocery shopping in Xcalak? Leading out of town is a one lane dirt road known as the beach…

I love grocery shopping in Mexico, especially when you have all these great fruits and veggies to choose from. Papayas, mangoes and fresh coconut? Yes, please. And the stuff that is packaged is mango with chili powder and lime juice sprinkled on it. An acquired taste for sure, but I’ve come to enjoy it. Here’s hoping you have good eating this weekend, I know we will!      

The question we are most often asked by family and friends is, “What do you eat in Playa del Carmen?” The answer, like the city, is a very diverse one. There are hundreds of restaurants serving cuisine from all over Mexico and the world and running the gambit from food carts serving meals for a few pesos to upscale dining at prices comparable to nice restaurants in the States. (So moms you can quit worrying, we are getting plenty to eat). While the grocery stores are reasonably priced and generally have a good selection we are finding that it is…

I cannot find pickles in Mexico. Olives? Chicharones the size of a small child? Shark? All found on a recent trip to the Mexican grocery store. If there’s a pickle section somewhere though, they’re hiding it from me. On some of our previous trips to the country when we’ve rented a house or condo I’d been in the grocery stores to pick up a few odds and ends but hadn’t truly navigated the grocery store in Mexico until we arrived here permanently. For a town of a couple hundred thousand, there are actually an awful lot of grocery stores to…


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