Many of you already know though I am a very serious practitioner of the art of Sunday Funday. But, for the uninitiated, Sunday Funday is exactly what it sounds like – spending all day Sunday doing whatever it is that sounds fun to you. Feel like reading in bed all day? Read in bed all day. Feel like having macaroni and cheese for breakfast? Eat mac and cheese for breakfast. Feel like having a White Russian with that mac and cheese? Well, you get the point. Barring some sort of emergency I have practiced Sunday Funday nearly every Sunday for years and though it took her a while to get the hang of it, Deidre is also getting pretty good at it too. Some folks love Friday and Saturday nights, but they can keep them, Sunday is the day for me.

Deidre Sunday Funday
I think she’s got the hang of this thing.


Napping in a swing in a palapa on the beach? Pro-level Sunday Funday activity.

Laying around and enjoying the beach is always an acceptable (and recommended) Sunday Funday pastime, but this past Sunday I decided to do something a little bit different. There are many small jungle lagoons surrounding Mahahual that are beautiful, secluded and usually full of fish. And it had been a couple of years since I’d visited them so I was itching to get back there. I recently bought a SUP for the express purpose of fishing these hard to get to lakes and was excited to get it in the water. Last week I was able to take it out for a quick cruise but I didn’t have much time  to spend so I was stoked to get back in there and spend some serious time fishing.

sup fishing
This little creek is the only way into this lagoon and it had plenty of water for my maiden voyage last week.


rio indio lagoon
Once you get into the lagoon it really opens up. Now for the fish!

My first inkling that my second trip wasn’t going to go as planned was the fact that the tide was extremely low and there was no water in the creek leading to the lake.

stinky mud
This is the same spot as the picture above. The SUP doesn’t need much water but it does need more than an inch!

No water, just a couple of hundred yards of stinky, hot, knee deep mud. Oh well, if it was easy to get in there I’d find a crowd in there,  wouldn’t I? So I sucked it up and carried all my gear and the paddle board through the muck to the edge of the lagoon. As the water cooled and got deeper I was getting more and more excited and turning my attention to fishing when, suddenly, I heard the sound of Sunday Funday rapidly disappearing – WHOOOOOOOSH!!!!!!! Yep, the seam on the paddle board had just given out and it was rapidly deflating and beginning to sink.

Failed Seam
It’s hard to hold air in an inflatable that’s got a hole the size of your hand in it. Sorry, no pics of the deflated SUP, I was too busy trying to save it (and myself).

I managed to get the SUP, myself and my gear to shore and started to go through my options. Which, well there was really no option at all other than to drag all the gear back through the stinking mud to the truck and head home. At this point, my Sunday “Funday” had consisted of several hours of sweaty, gross work and all had to show for it was some muddy gear, a broken paddle board, a ruined Sunday Funday and a bad attitude.

Be very, very happy that they haven’t invented pictures you can smell yet.

When I got back home, Deidre could see that I was a bit peeved, to say the least, and that’s when she stepped in to save the day (which is a pretty common occurrence). She reminded me of how many times over the last few years that we’ve had grandiose plans that have fallen through, only to be replaced by something even more fantastic. For example, last week when the food truck didn’t come we had to head into town for supplies and ended up finding my new favorite breakfast sandwich (seriously, the McMahahual at El Tucano is ridiculously good). Hmm, that turned out okay. Or that time our house sit in Colorado fell through at the last minute and we ended up in Hawaii instead. Yeah, I think she might be on to something here.

Sure, my original plan was shot and I had several hours of cleaning and repair work to do but it was still Sunday and there was still time to make it a Funday. I threw my muddy gear and sadly deflated SUP in the garage, changed my shorts and we headed down the beach to a nearby beach club called Hayhu. I’m not normally a beach club kinda guy but Hayhu is a bit different. It’s quiet, laid back, staffed by really cool people and rarely crowded. In short, my kind of place. Plus, we can easily walk there (and stumble home) so that’s a bonus.

hayhu beach
Okay, I’m starting to see where the “Fun” in this Sunday Funday comes in.

Deidre and I spent a lovely afternoon enjoying fantastic food and drink on the deck overlooking the water. We talked about all kinds of things and reflected on how cool it was to live in a place where “Plan B” was hanging out at a virtually private beach club.

Hayhu Drinks
A Gin Chuchi (Bombay infused with cucumber, hierba buena and lime) and some kind of mango drink concoction will cut through the lingering scent of mud and get the fun kick-started.


Hayhu Cheese Dip
Is there anything better than cheese dip? Yes! Cheese dip with bacon!

Okay, so the day went nothing like I had planned it, but with a little flexibility we still made it a great day. Sure, it helps to have a beach club nearby, but the idea of being adaptable holds true anywhere. If Plan A goes to pot don’t just give in and pack it up, go with Plan B. Sometimes Plan B turns out to be even better.

And remember the best part about Sunday Funday – there’s a new one every week so you can practice until you get it perfect!