In keeping with our commitment to try new things, today we decided to go snorkeling in a trailer park and took a day trip to Paamul. Yes, I said “snorkeling in a trailer park” but more on that in a minute.
Paamul is about a 15 minute drive south of Playa and has a very secluded beach protected by a small reef that is reputed to be one of the better snorkeling spots in the area. Unfortunately for us the prevailing winds from the east were driving waves over the reef making the water a bit murky and the currents a bit dicey so we decided against the snorkeling and just set up shop on the beach.

Paamul Beach
Paamul Beach

Even though we weren’t able to spend much time in the water the trip was not wasted, Paamul is a VERY interesting place. Years ago a Mexican landowner opened up the land for use by Expats with recreational vehicles or campers and rented out small plots to them. Some of the RVs began to stay year round and palapas (traditional Mexican thatched roofs) began to spring up covering the camper, outdoor living area and sometimes an outdoor kitchen.

Now this is what I call camping
Now this is what I call camping

Originally the rules called for only natural materials to be used when adding on to your trailer but that rule (along with many others in Mexico) is largely ignored. All of them still have the traditional palapa but now many “RVs” have adobe walls, glass block windows, tile floors, balconies, sun rooms and almost anything else you can think of!

It looks like there's a trailer in there somewhere
I assume that there’s a trailer in there somewhere

The result of this creative building is that Paamul has grown into a small beachfront community complete with a restaurant, pool, convenience store, dive shop, a small hotel and a few cabanas. In 2008 these “campers” were selling for around $65,000US, the prices we saw indicated that prices had gone up significantly but you can still live on the beach for about $135,000US.

These "beach houses" are built around trailers
These “beach houses” are all built around trailers

Paamul-beach-4Even though prices have almost doubled I’d say that $135,000US for a place on the beach as beautiful as Paamul is a steal! Since it’s so laid back and close to home, we will definitely be back soon for some snorkeling and relaxing. What do you think of this trailer park on the beach? Would you like to stay here for a little while?