It's a Small World

As we mentioned, we are now living in Xcalak, an extremely remote part of the world. We have very few visitors and the ones we do get usually live within a mile or two of here. So a pleasant surprise when the other day we heard a shout of hello and went out front to find these two cyclists. They had stopped because they had seen the Kansas license plate on our car and one of them realized she is from the same county. More conversation with them and we realized our parents still live within a mile of each other back in Kansas. What’s even more amazing?  These two, Pari and Katie are bicycling across Mexico and Central America. Yes, I said bicycling (and here we thought we were adventurous because we drove here). I’m not a mathematician, but I’m guessing the odds that we would have this chance encounter in this out of the way location are pretty infinitesimal. Disney was not lying, it really is a small world after all. We wish them well and plan to follow along on their adventures here. Hopefully you can take some time this weekend and do the same, we guarantee you’ll be inspired!