Throughout our travels Deidre and I have come across many interesting, exciting and weird things. Back in our hometown of Kansas City for the holidays, we recently participated in one of the more interesting, exciting and definitely weird things yet – Santacon Kansas City or SantaconKC. Santacon is a pub crawl for Santa, because hey, apparently Santa needs to get out of the house during the holidays too!

If you’re having trouble wrapping your brain around this idea let me you help out. Close your eyes. Wait no, don’t close your eyes since you need them to finish reading this post. Okay, with your eyes open now imagine that you’re sitting in your favorite watering hole with a couple of friends reminiscing about holidays past over a beer or a glass of wine when 5 huge party buses pull up. You think “oh man, there goes the peace and quiet” but then you notice Santa Claus step off the first bus and saunter inside. Now things just got interesting. And then another Santa walks in. And another. And another. And he just keeps pouring off of the buses until about 200 Santas have taken over the bar. They’re dancing, they’re prancing, they’re jolly, they’re drinking!

Just a bar full of Santas - nothing to see here.
Just a bar full of Santas – nothing to see here.

These Santas are Ho Ho Hoing around passing out candy and shots and well, shots like candy to Santas and non-Santas alike. Now before you start thinking that these bad Santas are out to ruin Christmas there is some more information that you need to know – it’s a fundraiser for kids! And all of the watering holes Santa visits are 21 and up and pay for the privilege of being on Santa’s route. No kids, no problem. That’s right, 200 Santas get together to have fun and raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kansas City. Santas coming together to benefit kids, it makes sense right? Santacons are held all over the world and have recently gotten some bad press due to unruly Santas but SantaconKC is different. The Santas were universally polite and friendly and a bartender at one of the participating establishments even told me that it’s his favorite night of the year!

Since Santa doesn’t drink and drive these Santas hired 5 party sleighs to chauffeur them in style to each “Santa Approved” establishment. These things were really just rolling dancefloors!

A busload of dancing Santas is a sight to behold...
A sleighful of dancing Santas is a sight to behold…
It's also an extremely difficult place to take a picture!
It’s also an extremely difficult place to take a picture!

While SantaconKC may be ostensibly for Santa it’s not for him alone, it’s also for his friends.

Santa has a wide and varied set of friends.
Santa has a wide and varied set of friends.

Besides gingerbread men and Mrs. Claus, Santa apparently also hangs out with elves, reindeer, candy canes and a gentlemen named “Ho Ho Jose”.

Santa's favororite helper Ho Ho Jose
Santa’s favorite helper Ho Ho Jose
Most creative costume of the night - Capital Christmas from The Hunger Games
Most creative costume of the night – Capitol Christmas (from The Hunger Games)

It was definitely an interesting evening and we had a great time for a great cause. This is the ninth year of SantaconKC which raised about $5,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters and the event keeps getting bigger every year. Not sure you believe in Santa? You’d better because these naughty and nice Santas may be coming to your town soon!