In the past few days it seems that Kansas City has been conspiring to keep us here. Twelve inches of snow on Thursday and another 6-10 inches projected for today, departure day. But we refuse to be deterred. This whole process has been in the works for so long and we are heading out of town No. Matter. What.

We have been paring our belongings down over the last few days until we had a pile of what we considered “essentials” that needs to come with us. But until yesterday when we started packing the car we weren’t sure that everything was actually going to fit. As you can see – SUCCESS!


Packing the car


Packing Up

So what does essential mean to us?  In the car is our dive gear, computers, a few kitchen things like some pots and pans and my coffeemaker, toiletries, beach chairs of course, clothes and shoes (although we all know who those primarily belong too) and a few other odds and ends. The only thing that didn’t fit inside is my bike which is on a trailer hitch on the back of the car. To make everything fit we used a few tubs and quite a few space saver bags  which worked incredibly well. I can guarantee my clothes selection would have been cut in half if we hadn’t used. We did have to be very cognizant while packing about what went in what container because we had to label what was in each one in Spanish for customs.

Many hugs have been given, tears (oh so many tears) have been shed and we’ve given the difficult goodbyes to our family and friends. After years of talking about this and months of actually planning for it we are officially underway to Playa del Carmen, our new home. Kansas City has been home to us for so long, and we’ve had amazing experiences here, it’s just time for our next experience. So it’s time to bid adios.