Our friends recently asked us to join them at a weekly Playa del Carmen comedy show that they had heard about. Since I’m only on lesson 11 in my Spanish language program I didn’t think I’d be able to understand the show, especially the nuances of comedy in another language. I mean I had to study up for an oil change, so initially I was going to pass on going. But then our friends said the three magic words – “it’s in English” – and I was in. We’re always looking for new things to do and new places to explore and to spend some time listening to our native language? Even if the comedy turned out to be horrible I thought it would be worth our time to stop by.

We had friends visiting from the States so we dragged them along on a recent weeknight. The group, Comedy Below Sea Level, recently lost their old venue and now performs every Wednesday in the upstairs of La Patrona restaurant. Since they’d had a hiatus and it was the first night in a new location the crowd, including us, was…sparse. But regardless of the less than packed house, the guys (seriously, all guys, where are all the funny ladies?) got up there and did their thing. Anyone who can get up on stage and put themselves out there with the chance for booing, heckling and non-intentional awkward silence gets my respect.

Comedy Show in Playa del Carmen
I only look wary because I thought Jason was going to try and tell a joke.

 Like any other comedy show I’ve ever been to there were some hilarious high points and a few not so funny low points.

Comedy Show in Playa del Carmen
This guy was my favorite, and it’s not because he was the only American comic.

From what I could tell, most of the comics were expats, primarily Canadian, so the jokes were focused a lot on humorous things about living in Mexico, something Jason and I can certainly relate to, but I don’t think they were so specific that others couldn’t appreciate the humor.

The host told us he'd recently giving up drinking and all other good stuff. It's a wonder he has any sense of humor right now.
The show’s host told us he’d recently giving up drinking. It’s a wonder he has any sense of humor right now.


The beer was cold, the place was air-conditioned (always a plus) and we had a few laughs so there’s a good chance we’ll go back. And while it’s open mic I won’t be taking the stage anytime soon because I know exactly one joke. It’s about cellophane underwear so it’s obviously good, but that’s my entire repertoire. But if we have any visitors that want to give it a try we’ll happily take you by. I think our friends from out of town enjoyed the show and it was an experience we were able to give them here in Playa that wasn’t expected.

What about you? Would you attend a comedy show in another country? Would you perform in a comedy show in another country?