One of our favorite things about living in Playa del Carmen are the random twists and turns and the different direction that the day takes versus what we had originally planned. Last Saturday was one of those days. On our way home from watching Inter Playa (our local futbol club) take a shellacking we decided to stop by Club de la Cerveza for a cold beer. These things are not the twists I’m talking about. I mean Inter Playa gets beat fairly often and Club de la Cerveza is one of our favorite watering holes so neither of these things is out of the ordinary. However, when we approached the bar we noticed something was different. The normally quiet bar was overflowing with people, smoke was pouring out of it and I could spy pointy hats peeking out of the drifting smoke. What was going on? Was the place on fire? Was it a witches’ convention?

We weren’t about to be left out of the excitement. After a moment’s hesitation we waded in and up to the bar to find out what was going on. Come to find out the “witches” were actually waiters in lederhosen and the smoke was wafting of off a grill full of delicious sizzling meats. We’d walked in on Oktoberfest Playa del Carmen style! Deidre and I both like a good beer and love a good celebration so we immediately ordered some giant German beers and joined the party.

Oktoberfest Club de la Cerveza
It doesn’t matter what country you are from or are in, when a man in lederhosen asks if you want a beer the answer is always- YES!

Club de la Cerveza is known for it’s great beer selection (it is called “Beer Club” after all) so it was no surprise that there were many authentic German beers to choose from. There were several Oktoberfest exclusive brews and after we tried a few different varieties the attentive staff realized that we were serious about Oktoberfest. Being serious means looking the part and the staff were kind enough to help us out with some hats. Unfortunately (or fortunately, opinions vary), there were no spare lederhosen available.

oktoberfest playa del carmen
Oktoberfest calls for giant beers…
Oktoberfest Playa del Carmen
And so does this guy!

Oktoberfest doesn’t stop at just beer and hats and shorts with suspenders, food is also important and Club de la Cerveza brought in a secret weapon – Playa del Carmen’s own Grillmeister Ronnie. Ronnie has been hand-making traditional German sausages from an old family recipe for years and his reputation as a Playa favorite is well-deserved. He kept the crowd satiated with sausages, sauerkraut, Bavarian pretzels and potato salad while the bar kept the beer flowing like, well, beer.

Ronnie the Grillmeister
Authentic German food in Playa del Carmen? Of course!

So the normally quiet little microbrew bar down the street from our house had turned into small piece of Germany for the night. Just another one of those twists that we love so much about being in Playa. As Deidre and I enjoyed a few beverages and the festive crowd around us it hit me again how lucky we are to be living in such a diverse city. How great is it to celebrate a German holiday in Mexico with people from around the world? My favorite twist about celebrating Oktoberfest in Mexico? It was in September.