Cenote X'canche

So we’re in the middle of a VERY long road trip from Xcalak to Kansas City.  In between the massive amounts of driving, we are having a fantastic time exploring new parts of the country – parts that we cannot wait to tell you all about – and also we’ve managed to stop at a few old favorites as well. At the beginning of our trip we returned to Valladolid and toured the nearby ruins of Ek Balam  with some friends who had never been. Afterwards we headed to nearby Cenote X’Canche to cool off. One of the things I love about cenotes is that each one is completely unique and each one is incredibly impressive and Cenote X’Canche definitely did not disappoint. Even better? We had the entire place to ourselves to jump, swim and stare in awe at this beautiful, remote place that so few people get to see. It was a great way to start our road trip, a nice lift to our spirits after we were sad about parting ways with Xcalak and a great reminder to us of why we left Xcalak because there is still so much more of Mexico out there for us to explore. Good thing too since we’ll be making a return road trip through Mexico in January. Certifiably crazy or overly adventurous? I have no idea, we’re just having too much fun to care!