Xcalak weather is not something to be trifled with. We’re on a tiny speck of land just a few feet above sea level and are surrounded on all sides by water. When it storms the wind howls as though we spit on its mother and the rain feels like the sea is rising up to take back that little speck of land like we’re late on the rent. And the kicker? You’re never sure when it’s going to happen.

The Weather Channel has no bearing here (where is their closest monitoring station anyway?) and it sometimes rains when it’s sunny so nobody really has any idea what’s about to happen next. The bottom line here in Xcalak is that plans are subject to change based on the weather and keeping a raincoat handy isn’t a bad idea. Right now the horizon looks pretty ominous, the fleet is docked and the birds are heading inland. All good signs that this weekend is a good time to batten down the hatches and get some reading done.

Here’s to you guys having a safe and relaxing weekend!