Xcalak SnorkelingIt’s pretty obvious to me that we’ve been taken some things here in Xcalak for granted. The second largest barrier reef in the world (that’s right the WORLD) is in my front yard, in fact I can see it in front of me while I’m typing this, and yet we hadn’t been out exploring it in a couple months. When we first arrived in Xcalak, snorkeling was a given, a thing we couldn’t wait to do and we were out there almost every other day. But then that enthusiasm slowly tapered off. Granted there were one or two things that prevented me from getting out there and Jason rediscovered his love of fishing which he devoted a lot of time to, but those are just excuses.

And so the other day we decided to quit trying to justify getting one more hour of work in and instead do what we said we were going to do when we moved here. And so we donned our snorkel gear and headed out into the water. And guess what? It was pretty freaking amazing. We saw massive amounts of exotic fish, some unique coral structures that we hadn’t seen before and a few eagle rays that swam so close I could have reached my arm out and touched one. So now? Well now we’re hooked again and a bit mad at ourselves for getting into the “there’s always mañana” mentality. It’s crazy to me how easy it is to slip back into those old habits, something that when we moved away from the United States we were actively trying to resist. But I’m also glad we can recognize when it’s happening and force ourselves to do a reset.  So I know how we’ll be spending our weekend and while I know not everyone can have a national marine park in their front yard, I do hope that you find something just as enjoyable right outside your door to enjoy  – TODAY!