Sea Beans We spot something new washed ashore on our beach every single day. Sometimes it’s a type of coral, sometimes it’s a type of marine life, sometimes it’s a piece of trash and sometimes it’s something like this. Welcome to the wild, wonderful world of sea beans! Also know as drift beans, drift fruit or drift seed, these things are produced by tropical trees and, since they float, can often travel long distances until they wash ashore far from home. I found out that a lot of people are avid collectors of sea beans, there’s even a sea bean convention. While we haven’t become sea bean aficionados, it’s fun to try and spot them and pick up the random one every now and then. My favorite is the heart-shaped one above that Jason found for me (his romantic gestures are limited a bit by our location so I’ll take what I can get). What I enjoy about spotting some of these random things on the beaches of Xcalak is the challenge of trying to identify what they are (thank you google and others who have shared info with us). These days I’m rapidly becoming a walking encyclopedia of random knowledge which means I cannot wait to play trivia somewhere. Any takers?