All over Mexico you find trees in the most unexpected places. And boy does that make me so happy. I love that versus tearing the trees down they are incorporated into whatever is being built around them. I cannot tell you how many trees I’ve had to drive around because it was left intact in the middle of a road or seen ones like this where the wall or building has been adjusted to fit. Preserving the environment and history while development still happens? Now there’s an idea. It’s in with the old and the new. And just like the old trees that are incorporated into newer structures, this blog is doing a bit of the same.

We decided that after two years we needed an update, a face lift if you will.┬áBut while we developed a new look, we kept all of our old posts, stories and photos. A combination of the best of both worlds – we think (hope)! So we have a new look, but the same old attitude. Enjoy your weekend and if you have a free moment, let us know what you think!