I’ve always loved this gate, I walk past it everyday on my morning walk and everyday I think “What in the heck does this thing mean?” The ocean is my heart? The sea is in my blood? Conch is good for cardiac health? Who knows? Anyway, since it’s right by the beach I’ve always taken it to be a symbol of how important the ocean is to the artist. Now that’s a sentiment I can get behind! After spending my entire life away from the ocean I can’t imagine living away from it now. Just a glimpse of those blue waters is enough to lift my spirits on a bad day and inspire near euphoria on an already good day. During our time in Playa del Carmen the ocean has truly become a part of me (at least mentally, I’m pretty sure there’s still blood running through my veins) and it’s certainly my happy place. Hope you guys all fill your hearts with what it takes find your happy places and have a great weekend!