Angry Sea BWWe both grew up in the Midwest where the sounds of tornado sirens going off was a regular sound of summer. We saw the death, devastation and destruction that tornadoes left behind and it was heartbreaking. Seems no matter where in the world you live nature always has a way of making itself known. Living here on the east coast of Mexico we don’t need to listen for tornado sirens, but we do constantly monitor the weather report for signs of hurricanes. Decades ago the town of Xcalak was decimated by a hurricane and has never really recovered and rebuilt. While this year we have had a pretty dry and uneventful rainy season with just a few tropical storms coming through, the west coast of Mexico has not been so lucky.

Last week Hurricane Odile hit and it hit with a vengeance. We continue to hear stories from friends about the lack of water, power and food as well as loss of homes and entire communities. The pictures of friends on Facebook show so much damage in a place that used to be so beautiful. It’s going to take a tremendous amount of effort, money and resources to get many of these towns up and running again.  This hits very close to home for us so we looked around for a way to help and decided to donate to the International Community Fund.  We felt it was important to contribute, and would ask that you consider doing the same, because we know the next time this happens, and we know there will be a next time, it could be here in Xcalak or somewhere else that hits just as close to home to us, or you.