It Is a JungleOne of these things is not like the other. I came across this guy the other day while out and about in the yard. Once I saw him (or her, I’m an equal opportunity scaredy-cat) I went running. This is not our first encounter with a snake here in Xcalak – it is a jungle that we are living in after all – but this is the first one that stuck around long enough for a photo op. And this one was tricky because he blended right in. Now all twigs, tree branches and sticks are under suspicion and after every snake spotting I walk a bit more carefully. But it’s easy to relax after awhile and let my guard down. And then I go and lean against what I think is a tree. And it moves. Slithers actually. Ugh. What’s worse? We’ve seen boa constrictor tracks in the sand. It’s only a matter of time. Have a great weekend and tread carefully, I know I will.