It’s hard to believe that we’ve been living in Playa del Carmen for a year now. That’s right, 365 days ago we packed everything we owned into our car and drove away from a blizzard looking for a different kind of lifestyle. And 3,000 miles later boy did we find it! I’d love to tell you that living in Playa del Carmen has been all sunny days and starry nights but the truth is that there have been ups and downs and lefts and rights and everything in between. Deidre and I would both tell you that this adventure has by far been one of the best years of our lives, also the most challenging.

Sure we miss our family and friends, air conditioning, dishwashers, reliable cellphone and internet service and quiet nights. Oh those quiet, cool nights (seriously, I think Deidre might end up killing the neighbor’s new rooster one of these nights).¬†We’ve made some sacrifices but they’ve allowed us to cram more experiences into the last year than many people get in a lifetime. Those experiences have not only made those sacrifices worth it, they’ve become part of us and changed us in deep and profound ways. I don’t have the skills to write the book it would take to describe the last year for us and you don’t have the time or patience to sit here and read it so let’s look at some pictures instead. I thought it might be more enjoyable for all of us if we just went with a photo recap of the year so here you go. In our experience here’s what one year of living in Playa del Carmen looks like.

Thank you our loyal readers for sticking with us over the last year. It’s been a lot of fun for us to meet so many of you and we hope we’ve even been able to help a few of you a little bit. Your positive comments and emails always put smiles on our faces and have given us a lot of perspective. We are truly fortunate to have been able to complete such a crazy journey and we’ve been glad to share it with you. This is simply an anniversary. It’s not the end of our journey, in fact we believe it is just the beginning. What next you ask? That’s a good question since we don’t know yet either. Rather than planning anything solid we’re just enjoying life day by day and we’ll see where it takes us. We’d be happy to entertain suggestions, just don’t ask us to make any plans.