Reason #456,796 that I love living in Mexico – random parades! This morning I noticed a bunch of confetti in the street and thought to myself,”Ah man, I think we missed a parade” before totally forgetting about it and continuing on to breakfast. A half hour or so later as I was tucking into some strictly average huevos rancheros and some strictly fantastic Chiapas coffee I heard something that peaked my interest. It was either the sound of an approaching children’s band or someone throwing some trumpets and drums down the stairs (you can never be sure). Either way, I wanted to see it so I grabbed my coffee and stepped outside to check it out. Lo and behold, a children’s parade complete with confetti!

Monday is Constitution Day here in Mexico and the kids had banners proclaiming Semana Cultura (Culture Week) so I assume that this parade was a part of the festivities. Whatever the reason for it, a kid’s parade is always a good way to start the day and a great way to start the weekend. Have a great weekend everyone and remember – whenever you hear the clatter of discordant instruments always go outside and look, it might be a random parade.