It's Getting Hot in Here

Hot. Holy crap it’s getting hot here in Xcalak. Like egg-frying on the sidewalk, face (or candle) melting hot. It is the tropics, yes, but we normally have a nice breeze coming off the water and between that and staying in the shade we’re usually okay, even when the heat index goes over 100 F. But then the breeze stopped a few days ago. Just died. And now there is no escaping the heat. There’s no air conditioner and while the fans are putting up a valiant fight I think they are losing. Right now we feel like these candles. It’s too hot to cook, which is okay because it’s too hot to eat. And it’s too hot to work, which is okay because I’m to hot to think of anything to write.¬†And it’s too hot to sleep, which…well actually that’s not okay but we’re getting by. The only thing we can do? Sweat. We do it often, and we do it well. So this weekend we’re going to spend it fighting over the few ice cubes we have and try to move as little as possible. Here’s hoping you all have a nice, cool weekend.