Which is the right Mexican visa for us?

A lot of expats don’t bother getting an extended stay Mexican visa. If you plan to fly in and out of Mexico at least every six months than it’s probably not necessary. But we are struggling with the logistics of having our car in the country legally. What we ‘think’ we know from our research is when you enter Mexico with a car it receives a tourist visa as well, but it’s tied to a person’s visa. So, for example, if it was tied to my tourist visa if I flew home for a visit and then re-entered Mexico on another tourist visa, my car visa would no longer be valid and it would be in the country illegally. We’re not sure if that’s completely correct, but we don’t want to chance it and having an extended stay visa also eliminates the need to leave the country ever 6 months. We won’t become citizens, or even be able to secure jobs, but it does come with added benefits that we hope make life a bit easier.

Initially we thought we would enter Mexico on tourist visas and then work on getting our FM3 visas (what we knew as extended stay visas) once we arrived in Playa del Carmen. But we started hearing rumblings from other expats in Mexico that with the newly elected President of Mexico there are some changes to the visa process and that we need work on getting an extended stay visa from our hometown.

We contacted the Mexican Consulate in Kansas City who told us there is no longer such a thing as an FM3 visa. Ok… We let them know what we want to do and sent them financial documents, passport info and our marriage license. There is a visa available for long-term stay, it’s just not called an FM3 anymore.

Next step is we’ve set up an interview with the consulate at the beginning of February. They’ve asked us to bring our original Visa application, passport photos and $36 apiece (cash or credit).

There’s nothing else we can do right now except show up and see what they have to say. More to come….