When we moved to Playa del Carmen we of course expected to find a lot of differences in our city. What we’ve been pleasantly surprised by is how many similarities there are. A couple weeks ago we were walking around town and noticed lots of activity around the city center. We soon found out the fair was coming! The Feria Playa del Carmen is an annual event held each July in honor of the Virgin del Carmen, the town’s patron saint of fishermen and sailors. The setup looked very familiar to annual summer carnivals and fairs that we used to attend back in the United States. No way were we missing out on this.

There were lots of rides including bumper cars, a ferris wheel and merry-go-rounds.

Ferris Wheel at Playa del Carmen Fair
This was the one ride we considered going on but the line stretched for hours.


Motorcycle Ride at Playa del Carmen Fair
Future Harley Davidson (or more likely moped) drivers. Click the pic for the full action!

And this one which was by far my favorite to watch.

There were lots of games to try and win stuff.

Jason Playing Games at Playa del Carmen Fair
Jason wasn’t able to earn me a stuffed animal with his shooting skills, but he did earn himself quite a crowd of admirers.

There was a main stage with performances including singing and dancing.

Main Stage at Playa del Carmen Fair
About as close as I could get to the stage. The crowd was huge and enjoying every second.
Girl Dancing at Playa del Carmen Fair
She does the best Carmen Miranda impression I’ve seen in awhile.

And of course the best part at any fair? The food. Lots and lots of food.

Cotton Candy at Playa del Carmen Fair
A minute later the cotton candy guy was swarmed by kids (and a few adults) and sold out.
Food at Playa del Carmen Fair
Fried bananas, french fries topped with hot dogs, corn dogs and churros. Just your typical fair food.


Churros at Playa del Carmen Fair
They weren’t funnel cakes, but the churros drizzled with chocolate were a REALLY good substitute.

The best part? It all felt really familiar to us. Sometimes we  just want to feel comfortable and surrounded by the familiar. The rides didn’t look so safe but sure looked fun. The games were hilariously hard to win. And the food was so delicious and yet so deliciously bad for you. Just like home. And it was so nice to feel, for just a bit, a taste of home.

 So tell me, I’m sure you all would have given the food a try, but would any of you have been willing to brave these rides?