Six days, two countries, a big chunk of the continent and our drive to Playa del Carmen is complete! We have finally arrived in our new home with our car, our belongings, our sanity (mostly) and our marriage all still intact.

I cannot stress enough how much we do not want to get back into the car anytime soon!

Compared to every other day of the trip, driving from Merida to Playa was a breeze. The trip took exactly 4 hours and after spending 10+ hours in the car each day that was such a treat. We were waved through all the checkpoints, only stopped to pay a couple tolls and sailed through. The majority of driving time was done on a turnpike between the two cities so we didn’t have to go through small towns, hit any major traffic or slow down for topes until we got to Playa.

The road from Merida to Playa is basically a country road in the jungle

We started this adventure because we wanted to explore new places and try new things. Its hard to put into words, however, how unnerving the last few days have been to be so far out of our element. Not always knowing where we going or what people were saying, staying in a new place each night while worrying about everything we own sitting in the back of the car each day, trying to agree on music selections and who’s turn it is to drive has all been taxing in a whole new way. When we started to see signs for places like Tulum, Akumal and Puerto Morelos we felt a sense of familiarity and peace because these are places we know and love and are why we decided to move here. Turning onto Highway 307 was a milestone and finally a time to relax – we knew we had arrived. I don’t know how else to explain the day except it was easy and enjoyable. The sun was shining, the roads were clear, we were well rested and for once we had a consensus on the music.

This is what we’re here for!

First order of business was lunch and cervezas on the beach, checking in to our apartment and a visit to Mega, the grocery store that’s a block away. We have so many, many other things we have to do. We have to visit immigration, start looking for a long-term place to live and eventually get back to working.

The sea, she is not angry today

But all of that can wait a couple days. On the agenda for tomorrow? Well-earned massages and beach time.