Having just dug out of a major snowstorm in time to pack for this trip and with Snowmaggedon Part 2 bearing down on Kansas City we decided to get an earlier start heading out on our drive to Mexico. We moved up our original start time by a few hours and hit the road around 5 a.m. There was no fanfare or waving crowds, just a couple of sleepy travelers (plus mom and dad mize to bid us adios) ready to roll.

Jason and Deidre Take Off

Day one and already Mother Nature decided to change our route. The original plan was to take I-35 from KC to Ft. Worth, but according to meteorologists (and they’re never wrong) we would be driving directly into the path of the storm. We revised and headed South on 69. We saw a beautiful sunrise right around Pittsburg, KS. Well at least one of us did.

Sunrise over Kansas

Planning our revision we were going to take 69 South to I-44 and cut over to Okalahoma City but the GPS kept us on 69 almost all the way to Ft. Worth which took us down and around the blizzard hitting the Midwest. The torrential downpours we had to pass through were better than the alternative.¬†Our GPS is potentially smarter than most humans because no other mapping system lists the way we went as an option. I like to think the nice British lady in my Garmin looked ahead, saw the storms and figured something else out for us. Nine plus hours later and we entered sunny downtown Ft. Worth. It might have been longer if I could have convinced Jason to stop at one of the many casinos we passed in OK. I think he wasn’t ready to turn back to KC once I lost all of our money at the Blackjack tables.

Fort Worth


Updating now from Frankie’s Sports Bar while watching the KU vs. Iowa State game. We’re not sure how easy it will be to watch our favorite sports teams in Playa del Carmen so filling up while we can. Tomorrow on Day 2 we make a run for the border.