Day 2 on the drive to Playa del Carmen was smooth sailing all the way. We got a late start and took a small detour to check out Austin so we arrived in Eagle Pass, TX a bit later than we expected, but now we’re kicking back and enjoying a cool one while we get organized for tomorrow’s border crossing.

Today was all about Texas, Texas, Texas! These folks are awfully proud of their state and they have a lot to be proud of – geographically speaking at least. The driving was a bit taxing, down here you’re either stuck in bumper to bumper traffic in a city or driving down a highway with no houses or cars in sight on the way to the next small town.

Austin was a nice break, one of my favorite cities around (at least the 6th Street part). Since we were on a schedule and driving across the continent we didn’t get a chance to drink any beers or check out any bands which felt a bit odd, but the food at the Jackelope was good and it was nice to walk in the sun for a few minutes.

Keep Austin Weird!
Keep Austin Weird!

This is a bit tough when everything you own is in your car so we just brought the valuable stuff inside
This was a bit tough…
Right now we’re getting together all of our relevant paperwork like visas, car title etc but more importantly we’re charging the batteries on all of our devices so we can document our experiences crossing the U.S./Mexico border. Out the window we can see the lights of Piedras Negras, MX twinkling a short ways away. Eagle Pass and Piedras Negras basically have a relationship like Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO except that their border is an international one and no one argues about college basketball. Now that we are on the border with Northern Mexico of course security is on our minds but I assure you that everything is fine, our hotel is nice and we even had dinner at Pizza Hut on Main Street. It’s a bit like a small town in Missouri but with more people for us to practice our Spanish with.

Up to this point we’ve basically been taking a road trip that all of us have taken before but tomorrow the real adventure begins. Stay tuned for updates and the stories of our experiences!