This is not the blog post I planned to write today. Today was our friend Liz’s birthday and we went and had an amazing experience that I was going to share with you all, photos included. But when I sat down at the computer tonight this happened.

Well this doesn't look good.
Well this doesn’t look good.


And then this.


Well at least it's doing something.
Well at least it’s doing something.


And then this.


This is a thing? I believe we are in crisis mode now.
This is a thing? I think it’s time to call someone.

And that’s why I’m now Googling “computer repair shops in Playa del Carmen that speak English.” Thankfully we have another computer (that the Googling is happening on) to get work done, it just has quite a bit of limited functionality and I can’t get the images I need from our trip today.

There are things we knew we’d have to figure out when we moved here – getting the oil changed in the car is coming up soon – and there are things we’d like to figure out – food delivery seems big here but we haven’t tried it yet – but this was one we hadn’t anticipated (although we probably should have). So we’re unexpectedly off to figure out yet another new thing here in Mexico, although I have a feeling this might be harder to figure out than how to get water.

So unless any IT gurus out there can diagnose this for us from afar? Back to Googling.