So someone (me) messed up reading the calendar because, you know, a calendar is a new thing that I’ve never read before, and messed up the arrival for our next housesit. And I realized that we were a day early while we are the road to said housesit. Which means? Well after some moments of reflecting on my idiocy, it means we had time to slow down, make an impromptu stop and explore the awesome town of Campeche. Usually when we drive between housesits it’s a straight shot from place to place with long days of driving in between. This has been a good reminder that maybe we shouldn’t always do that. Because from our short time wandering around this coastal town we’ve seen that Campeche is remarkably vibrant, colorful and full of life, history, music and good food. As this psychedelic sign that was projected onto Plaza Principal said “Celebremos Campeche!” The unexpected finds are really the best. Hope your weekend is full of unexpected treasures, enjoy!