Blue Land Crabs

‘Tis the season for the migration of the Cardisoma Guanhumi! They are more commonly known as the Blue Land Crab – although I think calling them blue is a bit of a misnomer since they seem to come in a dizzying array of colors (I just recently learned the white and grayish looking ones are typically female). I keep trying to capture photos of all the different colors but they’re fast and surprisingly unwilling to cooperate with me for a photo shoot. We’d seen a handful of these Blue Land Crabs throughout the summer, but for the last month we haven’t been able to walk or drive more than a few feet without finding large groups of them. My understanding is we’re seeing so many because of the full moon and mating season…or some such thing. Whatever the reason, I’m thrilled that we have been here in Xcalak long enough to see the changing of temperatures, the ocean and the animals. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a National Geographic commercial – and it is awesome. Have a wonderful weekend!