Departure Day to Playa del Carmen-
Three weeks and counting

The days seem to be flying by. Of course our biggest worry about this transition is the ongoing income (or lack thereof). Jason’s web design business has been building and all of his networking and outreach (and working for people at a really reduced rate to increase his portfolio) has started to pay off. He’s seen an uptick in clients and leads lately. We do worry about making the transition and not letting the referral trail go cold, but will deal with that when it happens. I’ve been doing some networking of my own to get my freelance writing and editing started.

But for the first time in I don’t know how many years (20? 25?) I am not working. Not just full-time, but at all. And for all my fears of being bored that has not yet happened. I do have my moments, but what a freeing feeling to go to yoga on Monday at 11:30 or take a bike ride at 2:00 on Thursday. As a busy American moving to Playa del Carmen, I feel myself attempting to slow down and I’ve been trying to make deliberate choices about how I want to spend my time versus how I have to. Because this way of life is a big part of our decision to move to Playa del Carmen it’s been good practice, although the slowing down part has been difficult. Particularly because the checklist of things we still need to do before moving is large. Oh that checklist. Insurance, visas, getting the car ready, making final decisions on what to take and packing.

So over the next three weeks we know we will continue to check things off that checklist, but we’ll also continue to take breaks and meet friends and family for happy hour, visit spots around Kansas City or practice taking our siestas.

Liberty memorial
Panoramic view from the top of the Liberty memorial. KCMO