For years we dreamed and talked (and talked and talked) about changing our way of life. We knew we wanted to live in a culturally diverse area that was near a body of water and be able to do work on our own terms. The only necessary logistics we decided we would need would be a low cost of living and very good internet access.

Today we took one more step closer to making that dream a reality. I walked out the doors of my corporate job for the last time and we are two  months away from getting in the car and driving to our new home in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We don’t anticipate Playa del Carmen being the only place we live over the next few years but we’ve decided it will be our first. We have visited Playa several times over the years and have been charmed by the town, the people and the location. We felt like it would be an easier transition to live in a place where we are somewhat familiar and comfortable.

Leaving behind a sense of security with a steady corporate paycheck and moving to a household with two self-employed people is terrifying and exhilarating, very similar to the feelings we are having as the countdown to the move gets closer. Having shared our plan we’ve heard from many others that they also harbor dreams of packing it all up and exploring elsewhere, but for many logistical reasons it’s not possible. And because we know from all the steps we have taken, it’s easier to do in theory than practicality we thought we’d create this space for those who can’t, or for those who continue to think ‘maybe.’  We plan to share with you our thoughts, our fears and everything we learn along  the way about how to make this happen. Hopefully you’ll find something we share useful, interesting, funny or inspiring.

Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to send us feedback, questions or leave a comment below!