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If “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” is good advice, then I say “When in Appalachia, drink the moonshine” is also sound advice. So, the other day on the way to the grocery store when we saw a sign that said “Moonshine Tasting” next to a rutted dirt road we, of course, made the turn. As known connoisseurs of taking the road less traveled (both literally and figuratively), we’ve elevated getting sidetracked on the way to the store to an artform, but neither of us had ever been to a moonshine tasting before. We didn’t really know what…

Exploring Chattanooga

Well folks, we’re on the move again! Believe it or not, the owners of the house that we’ve been taking care of in Mahahual came down to use their house and that was our queue to start packing the car. For some reason, they wanted to come down to enjoy their beautiful home on the beach, spend time with their pups, escape the Canadian winter and just relax for a while (so selfish* of them, right?). Which means after 8 months, we needed to find a place to live new house sitting gig. No problem, that’s all part of this lifestyle. Plus, it means…


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