Posts Written OnJune 2016

Reading in a skort

I wear skorts. This is not something I thought I’d ever be doing after I left 8th grade, never mind proudly admitting to (and I am so very proud), but I do. I am not a tennis player, golfer or physical education coach – all people who have a legitimate reason to wear skorts – but I wear them constantly, and I love it. I realize that this shorts/skirt combo is the equivalent of wearing a mullet on my lower half. The skirt is my party on the outside, all business underneath with my shorts, but you know what? I just don’t…

diving in mahahual

As much as I enjoy scuba diving, and I do, I really do, sometimes it has some elements that can make it tough to love.  Just getting to the dive site is often a study in masochistic behavior for me. The day usually starts super early with a dive briefing while I pick at the provided soggy fruit “breakfast.” That’s followed up by putting on a smelly wetsuit (no matter how many times they’re washed they never quite lose that distinctive pee smell) and then trying not to vomit up that breakfast while on a long, sometimes bone jarring ride…


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