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Semana Santa in Mexico

A big part of the appeal of moving around and living in different places and spaces is the opportunity to experience different events, different environments, different celebrations and different cultures. What I hadn’t given much thought to is how different celebrations and observances can be from city to city within the same country. At least until now. As a predominantly Catholic country, Easter is a big deal here in Mexico. Big. Huge. Massive. The week leading up to Easter Sunday is called Semana Santa (Holy Week) and the majority of the people in Mexico get the week off work, or take the…

San Juan Parangaricutiro Church

Admittedly, math and science aren’t my thing. Merely the fact that I consider them the same thing shows just how not my thing they are. But even my meager science knowledge is enough to know that giant holes in the earth that shoot fire into the sky until they form mountains are pretty cool scientific thingies and must be pretty cool to look at. So when we heard that there was a very famous fire shooter called the Paricutin Volcano within driving distance of Patzcuaro, well we knew we had to go take a look. And while not currently shooting…

pantless paddling

As I attempted not to vomit into the North Fork River I wondered where on the long list of bad decisions I’ve made in my life that last White Russian ranked. I’m nearly 42 years old and these days I have no business staying up much past dark, let alone drinking White Russians and telling old war stories with my college buddies until nearly dawn. Yet, that’s what I’d done and now here I was sweating in waders and trying not to pollute the very river that I’d come to experience. How had I come to be (possibly) dying of dehydration…


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