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Review of Copenhagen

Recently, when we decided to look for a place outside of Mexico to house sit over the holidays our only prerequisite was that it be “different.” We didn’t really define what different was, but knew that we wanted to get outside of our comfort zone and experience a different culture, weather, language, way of life, etc. Enter Copenhagen, Denmark. Demark is different than Mexico, right? Copenhagen seemed “different” on paper and once we arrived we realized, whether we had intended it or not, we had picked a place that was the most diametric opposite of Mexico imaginable. Different? Mission accomplished.…

I don’t think it’s any secret that I like love beer. Dark beers, light beers, red beers, bottled beers, canned beers, beer on tap, whatever. Heck, after living in Mexico for 3 years I’ve even grown to like (well, tolerate) warm beers since cold ones can be in short supply. In short, beer is great and I love it. I’ve never really been much of a beer nerd or beer snob, I just like trying new beers when I get the opportunity. Luckily for me, constant traveling presents endless opportunities to find and try new things, including new kinds of…


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