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semana cultura patzcuaro

Reason #456,796 that I love living in Mexico – random parades! This morning I noticed a bunch of confetti in the street and thought to myself,”Ah man, I think we missed a parade” before totally forgetting about it and continuing on to breakfast. A half hour or so later as I was tucking into some strictly average huevos rancheros and some strictly fantastic Chiapas coffee I heard something that peaked my interest. It was either the sound of an approaching children’s band or someone throwing some trumpets and drums down the stairs (you can never be sure). Either way, I…

One of our biggest factors when deciding to accept a housesit, besides location, is usually length of the sit. Since we drive from sit to sit with everything we own in our car, we typically like to only accept jobs that last for a couple months or more. We are also happy to string together a few sits that are in the same general vicinity, but we really try to avoid repeated intensive travel for a short sit. Moving quickly from place to place takes a toll on our car, our finances and our sanity which means that our way…

Copenhagen Canal

So Deidre and I are coming up on three years in Mexico. Wow, three years, just typing that is incredibly hard to believe but it’s true. Mexico is huge, we love it and we haven’t even come close to seeing all of it, but recently we really needed a break. Other than short jaunts to the United States to visit family and a quick weekend in Cuba¬†we haven’t left Mexico in years and were itching to see someplace new. I know, we’re jerks but we needed a vacation from the very place that many people vacation to. We had a…


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