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Sorry if it seems like we’ve dropped off the grid the last few weeks but, ahem, we’ve literally been off the grid the last few weeks. That’s right, we’re back in Xcalak. A lot of people are loath to return to a place that is filled with very special memories for them and we’re no different. We absolutely loved our first time living in Xcalak but so far in our house sitting adventure we’ve tried to avoid making repeat stops in places that we’ve already lived. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve really, really enjoyed our time at all of our…

Haciendas of the Yucatan

House sitting has given us the opportunity to stay in, and take care of, some pretty amazing homes. Big homes. Homes with pools and gardens and beachfront access and tons of acreage and lots and lots of rooms. Much nicer homes than we could ever expect to own. But those homes all pale in size and scope compared to some others that we recently visited. I think I may have found our next desired house sitting gig. But first, my friends, a little history lesson. Don’t worry, I’m not Jason so we’ll make it as quick and painless as possible. The haciendas…


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