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There are a lot of dances held in the Yucatan and the main plaza of Baca is often filled with music and people of all ages dancing, singing and laughing. In fact, it happens so often that I often fail to even notice it anymore. However, a recent trip through the plaza (to buy hotdog buns of all things) called something to my attention that brought me up short. Dozens of women and men wearing the traditional hipiles, ternos and gauyaberas of the Yucatan using smartphones and iPads to record their friends and families. The dances and clothing styles have…

Cirque du Soleil Corteo

When we lived in the United States we typically celebrated birthdays the same way each year. A gathering with family, maybe dinner or happy hour with friends, some cards, some gifts and some dessert (key lime pie for me please!). All delightful, and they are traditions that I miss. But one of the unexpected, fun benefits of moving abroad is that out of sheer necessity we’ve been able to get a bit more creative with how we celebrate. I mean, it’s not like we’ve got any friends or family to party with, we have a finite amount of space in our car…


I’m not a big talker. Never have been. In conversations, meetings, social events I think a lot before bringing up a topic of conversation or responding to someone.  I mean I think A LOT. I think through entire scenarios, conversations or events in my head before saying something. Or maybe I say nothing, I just keep thinking. I’m so much fun at parties, you should definitely invite me over. “Do you want to go to the museum tomorrow?” Jason will ask. “Let me think about it” I’ll respond. And I do. I think about it. I do some research online…


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