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Beach Road

It’s no secret that a series of unconventional choices have led us where we are today and that whenever possible we’ve chosen the road less traveled. You never know what’s down that road unless you choose it – it might be the most beautiful beach you’ve ever seen, some crazy cenote or you might just get a flat tire or something. But that’s all part of the adventure right? If you pick a road that doesn’t pan out you can always backtrack and try a different route. But think of all the memories and experiences you’ll miss out on if…

Telchac Puerto Pelican

I must admit that before taking our house sitting gig here in Baca I was a bit leery about it. It had nothing to do with the house, the homeowners or Baca itself, they actually all sounded fantastic. It had everything to do with Baca not being on the ocean and my longing to be close to the water again. Baca is a solid 20 minute drive from the ocean (gasp!) which after living ocean front for awhile seemed like an eternity. The great news is that the homeowners of the house we’re currently sitting in love the beach almost…

Sun, sand and staring longingly out to sea? These are a few of my favorite things. While I know many parts of the world are experiencing rain, rain and more rain, summer is in full force here in the Yucatan. With a deserted beach nearby, and our new pet sitting charge Azula enjoying these things as much as we do, we have plans to spend many of the dog days of summer doing this. Just this. Have a great weekend everybody!


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