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Baca, Yucatan

As I stood behind a wooden fence watching a ginormous bull charging at me full speed I had more than a few thoughts (and expletives) running through my head with RUN, of course, being first and foremost. But as the bull took a sharp left and gave me a momentary reprieve I looked around at the crowd surrounding me, most of whom were laughing, cheering and most of all, far as I could tell, not looking to flee and I tried to quiet my momentary panic. Instead, I just shook my head in disbelief and, since I was trying to…

Mexican Autohotel

I’m not an accommodations snob. I don’t think. I’ve stayed in tents, hostels, motels and on people’s couches. But over the years, as my income grew, so did the quality of the places that we stayed in while on vacation. In addition, travel was a part of my corporate life and over the years I stayed in some amazing places (while still being a budget-conscious employee – I swear!). I crisscrossed the United States from New York to Los Angeles to Miami to Portland and enjoyed high thread count sheets, rooftop bars and room service (all while getting work done…


So someone (me) messed up reading the calendar because, you know, a calendar is a new thing that I’ve never read before, and messed up the arrival for our next housesit. And I realized that we were a day early while we are the road to said housesit. Which means? Well after some moments of reflecting on my idiocy, it means we had time to slow down, make an impromptu stop and explore the awesome town of Campeche. Usually when we drive between housesits it’s a straight shot from place to place with long days of driving in between. This has been a…


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