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Santa Clara de Cobre

Patzcuaro is cool and all, but I have become terribly fascinated with the small towns that surround the area. Many of these towns specialize in a particular craft or skill that has been passed down through multiple generations. I’m talking skills that date all the way back to the pre-Hispanic time frame. Some of the towns are famous for their textile work, others for their basket weaving, but my favorite by far is Santa Clara de Cobre which is famous for their work with copper.     For you passionate copper lovers (there’s got to be a couple people out there that fit…

Puerto Vallarta

After a couple of months in the mountains of Mexico we have managed to make our way back to the beach. We’ve landed in Puerto Vallarta for the next few weeks and are readjusting to the heat, humidity and the fact that everyone here speaks English. I know where we’ll be spending our weekend, hope you’ve staked out a spot that’s just as great.

Monarch butterfly in migration

Let me start off with a confession – I don’t really like butterflies. I mean, they’re pretty and all, but they’re still just flying bugs right? I’ve lived in the jungle, I’m not the kind of guy that screeches and leaps onto a chair at the first site of a spider (anymore) and I’ve dealt with my fair share of scorpions and other creepy crawlers (well, Deidre has). That said, the idea of driving a couple of hours to see a bunch of moths that fly around in the daytime isn’t one that particularly appeals to me. So, when Deidre…

Patzcuaro Vendors

Landing in a new location every few weeks or months can be a bit disorienting. It’s not just trying to remember where the bathroom is in the middle of the night or the trick to getting the key to work in the front door. It’s also trying to figure out where the grocery store is, where to find staples such as wine and coffee, and where the hospital is because, as my history has proven, there’s a good chance it will be needed. We’ve found that the best way to orient ourselves in a new house sit and start to feel…


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