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Something weird happened to me today while I was watering the yard at our house sit here in Patzcuaro, my phone vibrated in my pocket. That in itself is fairly weird since, while we do have phone service, I handle most of my communications through my computer (Skype, FB Messenger etc) and my phone never rings. But, what it was telling me was even weirder. TimeHop, that little app that tells you what you posted on Facebook years ago, was ringing me to let me know what about something I had posted two years ago. I was about to delete…

El Estribo

I think I’m turning into a cheater. What started out as a harmless flirtation is really turning into a full-blown love affair. Previously an occasional ski trip to Colorado and some time spent in the Ozarks (although those were more hills than mountains) were the extent of my trips to elevation and for a while I’ve been okay with that. I think I’ve shared with you before that I’m a beach baby. I declared my undying love to the sand, sun and sea eons ago. And yet…and yet while here in Patzcuaro I keep finding myself constantly sneaking admiring looks to…

Just another Saturday night on the square here in Patzcuaro, this town continues to charm and delight me. I love that you don’t have to go to a farm or petting zoo to catch a pony ride, just head to the middle of town – giddyup! But I need to pay more attention because (true story) while I’ve actually fallen off a horse before, this is the first time I almost got run over by one. Here’s hoping you have a delightfully surprising weekend!


So just to be clear, the Yácatas are which way? No wonder why it’s sometimes hard to find our way around here in Mexico.  Although I will say that often when we’re lost or directionless we wander our way right into something pretty amazing or cool. So I guess whichever way we choose to head to it’s likely to be a win/win. Plus we’re bound to see some Yácatas.  Have a great weekend everyone!


As you’ve probably surmised by now, I am a lover of boats, lakes, history, islands and cool old towns. So far though, I’ve only been able to enjoy one or two of these things at the same time (rough, I know) so when we had the chance to step our game up and do all of them at once we jumped. Where could we possibly do this you ask? The island of Janitzio of course. Janitzio is the principal island of Lake Patzcuaro and is only accessible by boat, you know, because it’s an island. But it’s not just any island,…


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