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cascada misol ha

When driving to the United States from the Yucatan Peninsula it’s generally accepted that you should drive North in order to get there. But I feel that it’s not going to be that surprising or shocking to you to learn that Deidre and I don’t always do things in the manner other people might and so we decided that turning south and driving through the Mexican state of Chiapas was the best route to Kansas City. Why you say? It should be noted at this point that everything we own was already in our car, our office fits in a laptop bag…

XTC Dive Center

It’s cold, rainy and generally dreary today here in Kansas City and that’s got us thinking of our happy places. As you may have guessed, our happy places are generally warm, sunny and sandy so right now I’m imagining XTC Dive Center in Xcalak. It’s right on the beach, they’ve got boats and hammocks and fun people all around. Heck, they even serve cold drinks! What more could we ask for? Hope you guys find your happy place or at least a nice place to dream about it, have a great weekend!


For the majority of our lives Jason and I lived in a part of the United States that had different weather for all four seasons – rainy springs, hot and humid summers, brisk autumns and often frigid winters. So moving to the southern part of Mexico was quite a change for us. The temperature was, for the most part, the same all year long. Sure the winter months produced some cooler temperatures that required a light jacket in the evenings, but otherwise? Shorts and t-shirts year round. To tell what time of year it was we often had to look at…


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