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I love grocery shopping in Mexico, especially when you have all these great fruits and veggies to choose from. Papayas, mangoes and fresh coconut? Yes, please. And the stuff that is packaged is mango with chili powder and lime juice sprinkled on it. An acquired taste for sure, but I’ve come to enjoy it. Here’s hoping you have good eating this weekend, I know we will!      

Xcalak Beach Cleaning

Up to now I have always been a city boy. Yes, I am from Kansas but I’m from Kansas City, a bustling metropolis of more than 2 million people (larger than both New Orleans and Las Vegas I might add). I didn’t grow up on a farm, I never lived in a small town and no, I have never driven a tractor. I have always enjoyed nice restaurants, good food, museums, spending time with family, hanging out with friends at a local watering hole etc. You know, social events. My idea of “getting away from it all” was to go…

Mexico Minute - AWOL Americans

We are getting settled into our new home and already have lots of stories to share. But today? Well today the best thing we can think of to share with you is one of the beautiful Xcalak sunrises we now get to enjoy right outside our front door. It is just one of the many things we are enjoying about living here and can’t wait to discover what else is in store. We wish each of you a wonderful weekend!

On the Road Again

We love Playa del Carmen. It is a place we have called home for over a year.  But we didn’t leave Kansas City to move to Playa. We moved away from Kansas City to live in and explore different parts of the world. After a year in Playa we have grown comfortable, very comfortable. We have a great apartment and great friends and our favorite restaurants, favorite beaches, etc. But what we have found is that we have fallen into a routine. A routine that is extremely comfortable. And that scares us. It would be so easy to just stay…

Mexico Minute - AWOL Americans

You guys? Well you guys are just the best. Thanks for the calls, texts and emails of encouragement and words of wisdom this week. We appreciate each and every one of them and love that our community here is so supportive. Things are already on the upswing and we’ve got some pretty major changes on the horizon that we’ll be sharing with you soon. This Cozumel sunset is a nice ending to a very trying week for us and we hope it’s the start of a peaceful and happy weekend for everyone!

I have started and stopped this post about 4 different times. I realize I haven’t written here in awhile. And I felt that I owed you something amazing. And the first thing I wrote was about some amazing things going on in our lives. But then? Well then some not so amazing things happened and then I didn’t feel like celebrating with you all. And so I wrote some really woe is me things. And then I didn’t want to depress you, trust Jason and I were depressed enough that we didn’t need anyone else to join in the pity party.…


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