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Mexico Minute - AWOL Americans

We see a lot of car art here in Playa del Carmen, a lot. This one has made it’s way to the top of our favorite list. I don’t know where all this van has been, but I kind of want to join wherever it’s going.  I have no doubt the owner has plenty of stories to tell and adventures to share. We’re off to have some adventures of our own this weekend, here’s hoping you can do the same!


I have been in a lot of unexpected places since our move to Mexico – atop ruins, in underground caves, and even in Cuba. One place I never, ever thought we’d end up at? A high school musical. Personally I love a good song and dance, at least when someone else is doing all the singing and dancing, I mean I still regularly watch Glee. Jason on the other hand would probably prefer to clean the gutters or reupholster the couch or, well, do just about anything other than attend a Broadway musical. And I’d actually have bet money that…

Mexico Minute - AWOL Americans

If you keep your eyes open and constantly look around, you can be surprised and delighted by what you find. Like this fairy hiding in the topical jungle, relaxing and reading a book. I think she has the right idea on how to spend a Friday afternoon. I’m off to find my own private oasis, hoping you can do the same.

Mexico Minute - AWOL Americans

On our recent trip to Señor our guide pointed out this tamarind tree (I mean I would have just walked right by). He pulled a pod off the tree, broke it open and let us have a taste. I know that tamarind pulp is used in many recipes, but come to find out it’s just as delightful straight from the tree. Discovering new flavors is one of the joys about living in different places around the world. Here’s hoping you discover something great this weekend.

Elder in Senor

The Riviera Maya is a pretty special place. And because of that, as we’ve mentioned, the population in the area is growing at a pretty rapid rate. Last I heard, Playa del Carmen is the fastest growing city in Latin America. That kind of growth brings lots of opportunities to the area, including lots of jobs and lots of money all based around tourism. Currently, though, the tourism seems to only stretch so far and is managed (and profited from) primarily by big corporations. There are large sections and people of the Yucatan Peninsula going ignored and undiscovered. Which is…

This morning before going on my morning walk I read that an El Niño watch had been issued and is expected to hit by this summer. I’m not a weatherman and I had no idea what this meant so I took my morning walk anyway (I’m a born risk taker). I still don’t know what an El Niño watch is but if it means more days like today than I am all for it! Not to worry USA and Canada friends, the article also said that it should mean a hot summer and mild winter for you guys and and…

For the last week Playa del Carmen has been full of parades, street parties and lots of samba music.  Regardless of what we might have led you to believe this is not typical day-to-day behavior here. No, what it means is that it was Carnaval time! This year’s theme for Carnaval in Playa del Carmen was “Con Un Nuevo Corazon” or “With a New Heart.” We’d heard that Cozumel  has a pretty amazing Carnaval, but we couldn’t make it over to the island this year.  And while it’s certainly not on the level of Rio de Janiero or New Orleans, Playa…


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