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Mexico Minute - AWOL Americans

    I’ve been known to stand on counters or precariously perch on a chair once in a while to get at something out of reach. But a shopping cart? Well that’s one I had’t thought of before. This guy was using power tools to fix the door while standing up there. Whether it’s getting someone from point A to point B or trying to fix something that’s broke, I just love that Mexico is full of creative solutions and resourcefulness. I hope you are using your time this weekend wisely, enjoy!

Bread at Taste of Playa

Playa del Carmen is not hurting for restaurants. There is a plethora of places to eat here and not just Mexican food. Most people are shocked at the vast assortment of international restaurants Playa has to offer, we’ve lived here almost a year and still get surprised sometimes. Pizza, pasta, sushi, pad thai, seafood, quiche, burgers, even a little BBQ (although let’s be serious here, we’re from Kansas City) can all be readily found. Running a restaurant is a hard business to be in here, actually I thnk it’s a hard business to be in anywhere, and in our short…

When we decided to leave home for good and travel the world to live in foreign lands we expected to be overwhelmed by culture shock here and there. The last couple of weeks have been no exception. We spent time immersed in a culture with traditions and language that were initially incomprehensible to us. You may have heard of this culture and in fact, you may have even seen it on TV. This culture that I speak of is called golf. Now don’t get me wrong, we have heard of golf, my grandpa watched golf on TV and I went…

Friendlier than the real Fidel.

This week’s Mexico Minute is a bit different since we’re not featuring Mexico, rather this is Havana, Cuba. The city is one of the most interesting places to photograph and we couldn’t limit ourselves to just one picture so we made a photo album instead. To browse the album just click on a picture to start and use the arrows from there. Be patient, it may take a second to load. Enjoy!

The Cuban Flag

Before we left Kansas City to move to Playa del Carmen we sold or donated almost everything we owned. Furniture, clothes, books – oh how I miss you books – etc. And now that we’ve become accustomed to living with a lot less we don’t want to reverse that trend. So we decided when things like birthdays or anniversaries come up instead of exchanging gifts we instead would have new experiences together. Last week was our five year wedding anniversary and after a long discussion about what to do and what we could afford we decided on a short trip.…

Mexico Minute - AWOL Americans

Sometimes living in the tropics where rainstorms suddenly appear means you get to build cool sheet forts in your living room. We’re off right now on a super secret mini-vacation. We can’t wait to share it with you once we get home and are back online. And hopefully our sheets will be dry by then. Have a great weekend!

I love celebrations and traditions. Thanksgiving, Christmas, the Fourth of July.┬áThe rituals, the togetherness, the FOOD. That doesn’t mean that it always has to be the same way – I’m looking forward to seeing how we interpret Thanksgiving here – and I also love experiencing new celebrations and traditions of different cultures. Obviously moving to Mexico has opened up all kinds of opportunities and one we have eagerly been looking forward to is Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). I’m the first to admit that I had heard of Dia de los Muertos while in the United States,…


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